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Retina Care

The practice of Hadi Zambarakji


At a minus eight prescription in both eyes I had become totally dependant on visual aids. My eyesight was so bad that I had to pat my bedside table to find my glasses in the mornings. As a result of my short sightedness the retina in my left eye became detached. I was referred to Mr Zambarakji who performed an emergency operation that saved my sight. Unfortunately I was left with double vision and had to wear a prism over the left lens of my glasses to correct this. I then went on to develop a cataract in the left eye which impaired my sight further.

Mr Zambarakji has now performed cataract surgery in both of my eyes which has left me with a prescription of -.75 in one eye and -.50 in the other and no double vision at all. I can not thank Mr Zambarakji enough; he has really put the quality back into my life. My sight was so bad that I just couldn't function properly without my glasses or lenses but now I only really need visual aid for driving or reading which is fantastic! 



I had heard about cataracts but had no idea what a macular hole was. Apparently the ‘go to’ man for this operation is Mr Hadi Zambarakji. Although I never pronounced his name properly he never held that against me and became a man I totally trusted. I was awake for an hour whilst he operated on my right eye (under a local anaesthetic) which was a massive leap of faith for a wimp like me who wanted a total anaesthetic! Because of him I now have 20/20 vision... or as the Johnny Nash song goes “I can see clearly now...” Thanks Hadi for changing my life. 



A visit to an eye surgeon: For some time I had become more and more aware that my vision was deteriorating. Reading and especially reading music, as I am a pianist, was becoming difficult, especially when trying to see the difference between sharps and naturals. Singers were starting to notice, so something had to be done. I was indeed lucky to have a friend who was able to recommend me to Mr. Hadi Zambarakji. A consultation led to a cataract operation on each eye. These were painless, took place in a hospital where the waiting areas were comfortable and peaceful, and lasted for about half an hour. The results were astonishing. Within 24 hours I was able to start seeing with remarkable clarity objects, which hitherto had been blurred. As further time passed, I found I could read music without glasses- something I have not been able to do for many years. Faith in my piano playing was restored, especially now that singer friends could depend on correct notes for sharps and naturals! 

HM (aged 90)


I still remember the day when my husband was admitted to your hospital for surgery. It was one of the toughest times in my life. The personal attention and kindness shown by you and your staff helped me and my husband overcome the fear about surgery. I have never felt as comfortable going to a hospital in my life before. 



I am writing to say thankyou for your help in a difficult time for myself. The prompt action of yourself to operate on the retinal detachment in my left eye,has been very successful. I am pleased to say that sight has returned to my left eye. Your skill as a surgeon, your professional manner and helpfulness was much appreciated,as it put me at ease and helped my recovery. Once again I would like to thank you. 



I was referred to Mr Zambarakji by my optometrist, who was concerned about the development of cataracts in both eyes. As, on expert examination by Mr Zambarakji, these proved to be of relative minor importance, but the large floaters in both eyes were far more of a problem, there began a period of careful observation to see if the conditioning was worsening. This was, principally, because the condition of my eyes was such that, during any surgical intervention, there was a greater danger of retinal detachment.

After about a year, during which my vision continued to deteriorate, the advantages and possible disadvantages of having surgery on my eyes, and the surgical options possible, were carefully explained, so that I was fully informed at all times and able to participate in the decision making. Following Mr Zambarakji’s advice, I decided to have, in one eye only, the cataract-affected lens and floater-carrying fluid replaced. These procedures were carried out under a local anaesthetic during a stay in hospital of just a few hours.

This operation was so successful that, three months later, I opted to have similar procedures performed on my other eye.

At all times, I had no doubts or uncertainties about the advice I was being given by Mr Zambarakji and I always felt included in the decision making. The operations themselves were deftly performed and the results outstandingly good. 



Two years on PH wrote:

Overall, I can say that you did a good job. Unlike a painter or a sculptor, you cannot show your work to anyone, but if you could, it would be on display in the National Gallery. 


My name is Russell I am 29 years old and type 1 diabetic this has caused Proliferative Retinopathy in both eyes. I was referred to Mr Zambarakji in 2008 due to bad diabetic control I was in danger of losing my sight but not really aware of how critical my condition was. Mr Zambarakji explained my condition and recommended laser treatment. This procedure was carried out within days it was intense laser treatment on both eyes follow ups were thorough and regular, I did suffer Traction Retinal Detachment on my right eye and had Vitretomy surgery to correct this the outcome was good with improvement from 6/30 to 6/12. I still attend Whipps Cross eye clinic regularly and will continue to do so indefinitely.

However my eyesight has been saved from deteriorating further at this time and quite possibly prevented me from losing my sight prematurely. I would like to say that with Mr Zambarakji encouragement, he has a positive but practical approach, he did not promise what was not achievable, he explained clearly all procedures encouraged better diabetic control without being judgemental, he did not lecture or nag, he was supportive and advised me in every way possible.

I cannot express my thanks enough for his patience, care and above all expertise in the procedures and surgery he has performed for me, his knowledge, understanding and kindness go beyond patient care. I have viewed the Retinacare website and felt it was appropriate to e-mail my thanks and heart felt gratitude to Mr Zambarakji. 



I just wanted to say how absolutely stunned and delighted I was with my vision in my right eye after the gas bubble had dispersed following the epiretinal membrane peel and cataract removal/lens replacement carried out by you. I am in total awe of your skill and dedication and will be eternally grateful to you. 






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