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Vitreomacular traction and small macular hole successfully treated with intravitreal Ocriplasmin


Fig 1: Left eye optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan of a 75 year old female patient with reduced vision and distortion of vision of 2-3 months duration. The fellow eye had a full thickness macular hole of long standing duration. The present OCT scan shows vitreomacular traction and a small macular hole. Importantly there is no epiretinal membrane and the macular hole is small (less than 400 microns).


Fig 2: The patient had treatment with an intravitreal injection of Ocriplasmin (Jetrea). One week post operatively, there is resolution of the area of traction and the hole is closed. The OCT scan shows some subretinal fluid (fluid under the retina) and the vision has not yet improved significantly.




Fig 3: 4 weeks after treatment with Ocriplasmin, the OCT scan shows the hole has closed and there is resolution of subretinal fluid. The vision has improved by one line compared to the pre-injection level of vision and all distortion of vision has resolved.



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